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Useful Links and Contacts

Franklin County Government

Franklin County Commissioners

FC Planning Department

U.S. Mine Safety & Health Administration

Planet Hazard "Polluters in North Carolina"

The Sunrock Group

TradenCheese blogtalkradio

State Laws on Damages Caused by Quarrying

NCDOL Mine & Quarry Bureau

NC Department of Environment & Natural Resources

Franklin County Forum radio Show hosted by Joe DeSantis

Representative Lucy Allen

Senator Doug Berger

Franklin Times newspaper

7/23/2008 Franklin Times "Louisburg Town Council Steps Up Against Sunrock Quarry Permit" article

7/12/2008 Franklin Times "Stop the Rock" article

7/4/2008 Franklin Times "Sunrock Quarry Planned" article

7/11/2008 WRAL "Rural Site is Rock Company's Quarry" video

7/15/2008 Frankln Times "Hush Hush on Sunrock location" article

1/6/2009 Franklin Times "Commission rejects ordinance change" article

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