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Contribute an Article to the FC Concerned Citizens Website!

Contribute an Article to the FC Concerned Citizens Website!

If you are thinking something we aren't saying, consider writing an article for the FC Concerned Citizens website! This is your chance to share what you know with the rest of our community so that they can be better informed. There are only a few simple guidelines for submissions, so start writing now!

Guidelines for Article Submissions

  1. No profanity, threats, advertising, or plagiarism allowed
  2. You must provide links to or copies of source documents if your article implies, relies upon, or references any specific "facts" connected to allegations made within the article
  3. You must give us written permission to use your article on this website
  4. You must provide your name & contact info with your submission and tell us whether or not you wish to be credited as the author (all such requests will be honored)
  5. All submissions are to be made with a clear understanding that they may be edited for space or legal reasons and there is no guarantee that any submission will be published on this website
  6. Submission guidelines and terms may be changed at any time

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