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Archived News & Views Articles
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Kerr Tar Regional Economic Development Commission ~ are they a County Force or Just Another Farce?
County Commish Shopping for Seat-Fillers for Other Districts???
County Commissioners Think Taxpayers are Like Mushrooms ~ Best when Kept in the Dark and Fed Manure
Ronnie Goswick Wants to Know Why I Won't Stop Fighting Him and Join Him Instead
When is a County Attorney not a County Attorney?
Commissioners See No Need for a County-Wide Town Hall Meeting
U.S. Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging Retaliation by Franklin County, North Carolina
EDC Successfully Pitches $70,000 Expense For Grant-Writing & Fiber/Wireless Connectivity Plan
LGC Says No to Proposed Jail Expansion a Second Time
County Commissioners Vote to Exempt Themselves from State Law
Who's Who on the EDC (includes meeting minutes)
Franklin County Economic Development Commission Progress Report
Franklin County Rankings & Statistics from Research Triangle Partnership's "State of the Research Triangle Region" Report May 21,2009
2008-2009 Budget Snapshot
Committee of 100 Info

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