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Current Projects

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting

Since January of 2009, I have repeatedly asked County Commissioners, during their Regular Meetings, if they would be willing to hold a "Town Hall Meeting" in the near future for the purpose of allowing county residents to bring them their concerns in a unified forum. The response has largely been negative, though a few of the Commissioners seemed receptive to the idea. Given the number of topics that have been voiced in the Franklin Times and other media outlets as well as at various public governmental meetings, I believe that a gathering of this sort could be very beneficial for both residents and county government officials. More information will be published here as it becomes available.

Effectiveness of EDC

The Franklin County Economic Development Commission has been under the control of Director Ronnie Goswick, cousin to State Rep Lucy Allen & former County Commissioner, since 1998. We've been reviewing his track record and bringing the true tale of his effectiveness to the public through both the Franklin Times comment forum and on this website. Check out the "News 'n Views" and Article Archives pages for more info on what we've found!

Exploring Nepotism

The "Good Old Boy/Gal" network is alive and well in Franklin County and we're working to bring all of the hidden ties and alliances to light. Watch for articles which clearly show the favoritism, control through appointment, and familial/business alliances which are suffocating Franklin County.

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