The Band of Freemen
What I look like is none of youse business Da Boss on his origin
Da Boss on the Freemen's ethics
Q&A With Da Boss

Cast of Characters
Those known to the Freemen and why they are known

The Freemen
  • Archie Bloot
  • Chelena Armstrong
  • Demmy Walkabout
  • Evangeline Bith
  • Federo Redbeard
  • Gnarff Mugcrusher
  • Hammer
  • Healsinger
  • Larrakin Forester
  • Leslie of the North
  • Lodobi the Free Man
  • Rancid Danzig
  • Raven
  • Sasha son of Sasha
  • Sister Mary Ruth
  • Thloria
  • V Smith
  • Wu Chien

  • Character Stories
    Brice Loses His Name but Gains a Bow
    Erin encounters the PartyGoddess
    Kitiara and the Healing Hand
    Lyssiah Ends a Terrible Experiment
    Wanted: Arcane Archer (Ellana)

    Game Rules
    New PC Race: Mud-Men
    New Skill: Plant Lore
    New Feat: Over-Level Metamagic
    New Feat: Peel and Stick Glyphs
    Houserules: Character Crocks and Advantages
    Houserules: Firearms
    Houserules: Fumbles

    Custom Magic and Items
    Amulet of the Healing Hand
    Battle Knife
    Boots Of Ranging
    Ring of Grappling
    "Spatula" (Dwarven longsword)
    Staff Sling
    Superior & Minor Magic Missiles
    Thloria's craftworks

    Descriptions: Puma
    Descriptions: Sewergator

    Campaign Lore
    of Erth
    The Time of the gods
    The Rise of Humanity
    The Year of the Dead
    Click to enlarge Recent History of Alannis
    The Great East-West Road
    Alannis Geography and Politics
    Click to enlarge The Pendor Area
    Click to enlarge Upper Pendor Map Areas
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    Lower Pendor Map Areas

    Erth Mythos
    Overview of Erth theology and deities

  • Almora
  • Crom
  • Eldath
  • Faresta
  • Mishikal
  • Obad-Hai
  • Stachia Erth Mother